We Believe in Underdogs

We believe that someone with grit can start from nothing and achieve greatness through smart decisions, working insanely hard, having a high tolerance for pain, and perseverance.

We believe that small businesses are not only the backbone of our economy but play a vital role in what makes America special.

We believe the glue that holds the American Dream together is this group of people.

Many of these special people and businesses are retailers.

Our mission is to help these retailers thrive in the technology age.

Our Values

Our core values combined with our mission drive how we make decisions about strategy who we ask to join our team and how we operate. We use these values to build a great business while staying true to ourselves.

We Strive For "WOW"

We are Team Players

We Continuously Improve

We do the Simple Things Right

We are Trusted

We have Grit

We Strive For "WOW"

We aim to make products that blow the customer’s mind. We understand the customer’s niche industry better than they do.

We treat our customers like human beings. The first step we take in any interaction is to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and view the world from their perspective. All decisions from there are driven with that perspective in mind.

We strive to make our service interactions easy and frictionless.

We set clear expectations, we over-communicate, we do the work right and we do it once.

We understand that when it comes to the customer experience perception is reality.

We are Team Players​​

We trail blaze. In our business, we are often exploring new territory and have to figure something new out. We make it easier for the next person on our team who deals with the same problem. Every time a path is walked on it’s better than the time before.

We create a safe work environment that enables others to succeed.

When a problem occurs we blame the system and not the people. We view these as opportunities to improve the safety of our processes.

We do not induce any sense of fear in well-intentioned people around us. We do not let our emotions get the best of us.

We realize that a team with an OK plan and perfect coordination is FAR more effective than a team with a perfect plan and fair coordination. We prioritize the team over ourselves.

We care about each other. Our teammates are better when we’re around than when we are not.

We Continuously Improve​

We are not perfect. We are masters at getting better.

We strive to better ourselves, our products and our customers.
When faced with a problem we take rapid and massive action. We experiment, we iterate. We love the scientific method.

Failure during learning is good. We judge others positively when we see constructive failure occur, not negatively. Conversely – failing when there’s no lesson to learn is intolerable.

We are comfortable with change. We realize that most good ideas start with a bad idea. We are mature enough to realize that new things have to start somewhere.

Nobody is perfect – and the one thing that we ask above all else is that someone is open-minded enough to accept critical feedback. We are coachable. We are masters at getting better.

We do the Simple Things Right ​

We execute the things that require zero talent with perfection.

We are reliable and on time, we keep our appointments, we communicate, we are professionals, we are nice to each other and our customers, we document, we use well-established processes where applicable.

We always test our work

We conserve the mental genius of our collective to be used on interesting and important problems.

Our cognitive superpowers are not wasted chasing problems that could have been avoided by doing the simple things well.

We are Trusted​

In order to be trusted, we have to care about our customers and each other.

We have to have each other’s backs and operate in an honest, direct, and transparent way.
We give each other the benefit of the doubt. Including leadership when tough decisions are made.

We are a positive influence on our teammates.

We do what we say, we keep promises to clients (and each other)

We have to be willing to make tough commitments/promises and keep them.

To be trusted we have to take personal accountability if there is a problem.

We know technology and we know their business. We are trusted advisors to our customers.

We value trust over performance.

We are transparent. Our work is visible. Who’s doing what and why is made and kept clear through how we work.

We have Grit​

We are up for a challenge.
We do not bruise or give up easily. We are persistent but flexible.

We do not complain about the imperfect realities of the world. We choose to not be victims. We know that every team faces the same challenges and we view these as opportunities to do something better than the competition.

We understand the reality that there is limited time and we can never address all problems. We ruthlessly prioritize.

We do not let perfect get in the way of better.

We plan for the worst and hope for the best.

We are mature enough to understand that as a company grows there will be problems. We view this as a positive signal that we are breaking new ground. We talk about issues as problems to solve and not as an opportunity to complain. We are mature enough to cope with the resulting uncomfortable situations and can mentally move on when they can’t be solved at that moment.

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